Ask Pro Independence Village FAQs

1.    Q: What kind of apartments do you have available?

A: We have spacious studios, standard one bedrooms, deluxe one bedrooms, double studios and luxury apartments.

2.    Q: What kind of buy-in is required to become a resident at Independence Village?

A: NONE. There is no endowment fee or entry fee. All we require is a one-month security deposit.

3.    Q: What kind of lease do you require?

A: We offer a month-to-month lease. We have no long-term leases because we know you?ll love it here! Many of our residents have been here for years, and they wouldn?t think of going anywhere else. But, if you ever need to leave, all we require is a 30-day notice.

4.    Q: What does the rent include?

A: Many amenities, including

?         Three delicious meals 7 days a week, 365 days a year!
?         Scheduled transportation on our bus
?         Weekly housekeeping, including fresh linens
?         A variety of activities
?         An emergency call system
?         An on-site management team

5.    Q: What does the name Independence Village mean?

A: Independence means freedom! You are free from the work and worry of home upkeep ? cooking, cleaning, lawn care, etc. You now have the security and peace of mind to enjoy your retirement, come and go as you please and simply have fun!

6.    Q: How is seating arranged at meals?

A: At breakfast, you may sit wherever you wish in the Dining Room. At dinner and supper, you have an assigned seat, just like home. You?ll be sitting with others with like interests. Many of our residents are best friends with their table mates.

7.    Q: What kind of activities do you offer?

A: We take our residents on trips to museums, movies, shopping, plays, restaurants, dinner theaters, casinos, tours, boat rides and other outings. And, every week, we offer lots of musical entertainment.

8.    Q: What is the age requirement to live at Independence Village?

A: You must be 62 years of age or your spouse must be 62.

9.    Q: Do I have my own mailbox?

A: Absolutely! You have a private mailbox that is locked. The mail carrier delivers the mail directly to your mailbox ? no one else touches your mail. You can open your mailbox with your private key.

10. Q: How does your emergency system work?

A: You have a pull cord that sets off the alarm at the front desk. The call is answered immediately and help is sent.

11. Q: How do your rates compare with other retirement centers?

A: We are told that we?re the best kept secret in town because of our reasonable rates and our easy terms. We have no entry fees and no long-term leases. In addition, many amenities are included in the rent and our facility is beautiful.

12. Q: What if I need help some time down the road?

A: Some of our residents have been with us for many years and they may need a little help with their meds or a shower assist. There is an on-site home healthcare agency that can provide services as you need them, if you choose, in the privacy of your own apartment. They offer personal care, supportive care, skilled nursing care and they are a medicare certified provider. They are staffed 24/7.

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