diagnosis of breast cancer

The diagnosis of breast cancer is a major life-changing event. It is difficult enough to deal with the physical challenges and treatments of breast cancer, but the emotional impact and fear of the unknown can be even more devastating. The holistic specialists of the Visiting Nurses Association truly understand these stressors and work with patients and their loved ones to limit how much the disease impacts their daily lives.  Their goal is to reduce the pain and symptoms experienced from treatment and to reduce the anxieties, worries and pressures associated with the unknown.  Weekly visits by a nurse, or social worker for emotional support, nutritional counseling, energy conservation, and meditation therapy are just a few of the services offered to support the breast cancer patient going through treatment.

By achieving comfort and regaining ones sense of well-being, you take back the reins of control, to do as much as you possible can, each and every day. The VNA is here to help you reclaim your control!

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