Storm Has Bears Fans Fleeing For Cover

CHICAGO-The storms that rumbled through the Midwest Sunday also moved through Soldier Field interrupting the Ravens-Bears game. Play was suspended in the first quarter. The delay, which lasted almost two hours had fans feeling for cover in the Soldier Field concourse.

The prevailing theme among fas was they were just grateful that more damage and didnger did not hit.

"We all got back in a couple hours after the storm passed, and we just continued to have a good time, so unfortunately this is probably necessary," says Bears fan Niko Raptis.

"All of a sudden it didn’t matter if you’re a Ravens fan or a Bears fan. Just like the beginning of the game when they sang the National Anthem everybody we’re Americans, and we’re just out their appreciating one of our favorite pastimes," says Ravens fan William Lehmann.

"It would’ve looked real bad on the Bears if anything happened, because there was no real evacuation on the top level. Everybody was standing like sardines," said Bears fan Roberto Gutierrez.

It’s obvious that downtown Chicago got off lucky especially compared to the damage and destruction that we’ve seen today across the state of Illinois. It’s times like these that sports take a back seat to health and safety.

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