Bears Frustrated By Loss To Lions

CHICAGO-Despite all their injuries and adjustments the Bears have had to deal with this year, first place was in their grasp at Soldier Field. Missing that chance left the Bears frustrated yet focused.

“We didn’t get it done," says receiver Brandon Marshall. "Don’t like the Detroit Lions. Really don’t like them. I’m there’s some good people in Detroit but as far as their football team, I can’t wait to see them in the playoffs.”

“I was really proud of the way they played and how hard they played, but we didn’t play our best game today," says head coach Marc Trestman.

It was obvious how much this loss hurt the Bears but the fact that their quarterback played, and played so much of the game hurting himself, meant a lot moving ahead.

“Jay Cutler is our quarterback and no one can lead this team better than he can right now," says Marshall. "Jay’s 80% is better than a lot of guy’s 100% in the NFL.”

“The decision was made to keep in there and let him fight with his football team to play," says Trestman. "And here we are.”

“It’s football, it is what it is," says Cutler. "We only get 16 games. You just gotta try and get back as fast as you can.”

Although Cutler is now plagued by another medical woe, the Bears are very much in the running for a division crown and a playoff spot; a fact that helps them move ahead.

“Tomorrow we’re gonna get in the meeting room and we’re gonna tell them everything we can as coaches about things we did well and things we can do to get better," says Trestman.

“I’ve probably got a nastier taste in my mouth with these guys, man," says Marshall. "These guys are difficult to deal with. Unfortunately we have to wait a couple more weeks to see them in the playoffs.”

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