Bears React To Surviving A Storm And Overtime

The two hour break in the middle of the first quarter certainly wasn’t normal, but the Bears made it work. 

“It was pretty intense. A lot of people were just worried about getting another beer but there were actually kids crying," says Bears Fan Roberto Gutierrez.

 “It was just like the Super Bowl. The Ravens had momentum and then there was a delay of the game," says Ravens fan William Lehmann visiting from Baltimore.

 “Our locker room when we had the break was just outstanding. Just to give you a little content there, it was really quiet, very business-like," said Bears coach Marc Trestman.

 “Just trying to think about the game, visualize the game a little bit and kind of assess what happened in the first two series," says Bears quarterback Josh McCown.

 Safety took precedence here at Soldier Field but the Bears still had business to take care of. They were happy with their 23-20 win no matter how long it took or how ugly it looked.

 “Overall it’s just, I wish everybody could see the work that goes into winning a game like this," said Trestman. "Going from the time we left the locker room here devastated last week, leaving here with a divisional loss.”

 “It’s something for us to build off of and its just a reminder for all of us involved that you never know whose turn it’s going to be and just to stay ready," said McCown.

 Not an easy or even normal win but at the end of the day it was a win, and a win to be proud of for the Bears.

 “My dad always says, that thing’s oblong and bounces funny," says McCown. "So every time this happens I always think about that and you never know.”

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