Bears Turn To McCown Again

LAKE FOREST-Bears quarterback Jay Cutler had a hard cast on his ankle Thursday at practice.  In past years that would have had the Bears reaching for the panic button, but not this year with the way Josh McCown is playing. 

Timing is important between quarterbacks and receivers.  In the bigger picture Josh McCown’s timing with the Bears this season couldn’t be better.  After years as a journeyman quarterback things have finally fallen into place for him. 

"The timing of all this for me in my stage of my career to get hooked up with these coaches and these players I think it’s just all coming together," says McCown.

McCown’s quarterback rating of 103 ranks eighth in the NFL. He was remarkable last Sunday coming in cold late in the game against the Lions and leading the Bears on a drive that ended in a touchdown pass to Brandon Marshall.  McCown says the coaches and the system here deserve credit for the success he’s been able to have.

"You feel like there’s an opportunity to be successful every game, and you don’t’ have to step outside the system and press and go ‘I have to make this play this time," says McCown.

"Anytime you can put your backup quarterback in, and him be productive and win a game it’s a huge plus for the team," says offensive coordinator Aaron Kromer.

McCown’s days of yearning to be a starting NFL quarterback are well behind him. The keys to his success he says have been accepting his role as a backup, and his commitment to learning something new every day.

"The fastest way downhill is to think that you know it all," says McCown. "The first day that you go ‘Oh I got it now’ that’s the last day. There’s so much to learn."

"Our team feels very good about him starting for us. In our environment here his position is the backup quarterback, and he’s a guy that we trust to go in there, and he can seamlessly get the job done," says Marc Trestman.

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