Long Showing Promise

Bourbonnais, Illinois-Bears top draft pick Kyle Long is a big part of the depth on the Bears offensive line this year. He's seen a lot of time so far in camp with the first unit playing on the right side.

Long started only four games at Oregon last year, but the Bears saw enough to fall in love with his raw strngth, size and potential.  Plus Long comes from a football family. His father Howie Long played in the NFL. His brother Chris is currently with the Rams.

Long bounced between football and baseball, and he bounced between colleges after high school. But now he's comfortable with who he is. He simply needs to focus on getting better.

"I've got a lot of work to do, but I"m in the right place now, so I've got the right people in place to teach me and give me their tuteladge."

So what does Long need to do to further impress the coaches?  "The attention to detail needs to be what you need to focus on," says Long. "It's the techniques that you do and it's the knowledge of the offense."

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