The Year Of Mike Glennon

The Bears new quarterback insists this is his year to show what he can do.

LAKE FOREST - Jay Cutler is ancient history for the Bears. The offense has been turned over to Mike Glennon. After an OTA practice Tuesday he tried to convince reporters that he is a guy whom the Bears can count on, and he's not worried about competition from Mitch Trubisky.

 "This is my year." "The 2017 season is my year."  "This year is my year." "This is my year." I'm here, this is my year."

Glennon repeated those words over and over throughout his press conference. He was told when he was signed by the Bears that he would be the starting quarterback. It's almost as if he's trying to reassure himself of that after the drafting of Trubisky.

"They brought me here to be the quarterback this year and nothing has changed," says Glennon. "In my mind I have to go out and play well and I know that. That's basically the bottom line."

Glennon says he was given no assurances when he signed that the Bears wouldn't draft a quarterback.

"It was never discussed."

Glennon knows though that second overall draft picks like Trubisky don't stand on the sidelines forever.

Glennon was in a similar situation in Tampa Bay looking over his shoulder at a talented young quarterback when the Buccaneers drafted Jameis Winston, but Glennon says he really doesn't see any similarities between that situation and this one.

"People might want to compare, but it's not the same situation. I can only say it so many times that this year it's been fully communicated that it's my year and I'm not going to worry about the future."

Glennon has the size advantage over the other three quarterbacks on the roster towering above them at 6'7.  It's a definite advantage. Glennon also seems to have the advantage in arm strength. He appeared confident during drills.

While he's still getting to know his teammates he believes he has their support.

"To me I've felt nothing but support. Everyone is on the same page."

John Fox says Glennon has leadership qualities and Fox likes Glennon's work ethic.

"He works very, very hard and he expects the same of his teammates and I think that's contagious."

So maybe it's true when Glennon says, "This is my year."

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