Stateline Volunteers

In the spirit of Transform Rockford, we are inviting local businesses to join with us on a campaign designed to raise positive awareness in our community.  

WTVO and WQRF-TV are proud to unveil the largest multiplatform initiative in the market called Stateline Volunteers.   

Stateline Volunteers celebrates the volunteers, charitable organizations and the local business community that are working hard to improve the quality of life here in Rockford and the Stateline.

It is the goal of this campaign is to present positive stories that will help make our region a more attractive destination for new businesses, help recruit talent to the area, and lift up those residents who are mired in negativity.

3 key components serve as the foundation for Stateline Volunteers:

1. Sponsored PSAs (Volunteer Moments)

2. Business Salutes

3. CEO Addresses

 Please take time to view our ?Walkthrough? presentation below. 

For more information on how your business can become a Stateline Volunteer, please contact Jessica Newby at 815-963-5413 or

Our Current Sponsors:

Allen Heating
Associated Bank
Choice Furniture
Kelley Williamson
Loves Park Motor Sports

Swedish American Hospital
TNT Motors
We the People Prints

Volunteer Campaign

Sales Highlights & Research

1. Sponsorship demonstrates your company's commitment to local communities and to our quality of life.

2. The volunteer campaign ties your business to the success of cause marketing. The comprehensive Cone/Duke Univ. Study* shows:

Cause marketing differentiates your business from competitors.  Seventy-nine percent of consumers will choose a product associated with a good cause over a product that is not. Cause marketing breaks through the clutter. Research shows participants spent 49% more time examining ads connected to a cause versus those without. Cause marketing creates exponential increases in sales. The data shows up to a 74% increase in actual purchase of a product associated with a cause versus same product without a cause.

3. Great opportunity for your company to actively participate in the content of the campaign:

Target communities important to your business. Build employee morale by recognizing your employees for their volunteer or charitable efforts. Salute your clients by highlighting the work they do to benefit their communities.

4. CEO Addresses showcase your company, giving you greater visibility for the commitments you have already made in the community.

5. Great value for your company to tie into a prestigious and local campaign.

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