Alan Jones-FOX News Anchor/Reporter

AlanJones2007-03-02-1172859971.jpgAlan’s broadcast career has taken him from Ohio to Kentucky, on to West Virginia and then, back to the Midwest, to Illinois.

On the first day of the first job in Portsmouth, Ohio, the deejay Alan was replacing told him to watch the board while he went to the bathroom. He was gone for an hour. A quick indoctrination! Ten years and many radio stations later, Alan made the transition to TV news at WTAP-TV in Parkersburg, West Virginia. He anchored and reported for the nightly newscasts, later serving as News Director.

An opening at the local CBS affiliate in Rockford led to 15 years of serving the people of the Rock River Valley. “Everybody has a story” Alan says, “and it’s always interesting to hear those stories. I believe that’s what’s best about local news. It’s news about you or your neighbors, your community or town and things that affect all of us. It’s good to be working with a group of people who live that everyday.”

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