Advocates ready to take gun owners' rights to next level

- ILLINOIS -- Concealed-carry is now the law in Illinois, but gun rights advocates are still fighting for more rights saying concealed-carry is just a start. Wednesday, they took their message to lawmakers. WCIA-3's Alex Davis keeps us Connected to the Capitol.

"The battle for gun rights in Illinois is not over."

Gun advocates may have a concealed-carry law under their belts, but that's not stopping them from asking for more.

"What we have come to recognize is, is that the war is not over. It just changes form."

Wednesday was Illinois Gun Owners Lobby Day (I-GOLD) in the Capitol City.

"Our message here today is that we're not going to go away. We're going to continue to strive for gun rights in Illinois. We're going to continue to try to make the concealed-carry law better."

This is the first I-GOLD which concealed-carry permit holders could actually come armed to since getting a law on the books last fall.

"I don't think the attack on Illinois gun rights will be gone in five years. I think we'll continue to see things like ammo taxes, magazine bans, everything like that that we always see, and I think that will be a continuous fight."

Another concern? The number of places where guns still can't be carried; particularly churches and restaurants.

"With the list of 23 prohibited places, our fight for the right to protect ourselves and our families continues."

Advocates say those are the very places where self-protection is most needed.

"They are the zones that those very same individuals select for targets of their mayhem, their death and their destruction."

Opponents to gun rights are pushing back, though. They're advocating new bills to limit handguns to a ten-round maximum and banning semi-automatic weapons.

Roughly 5,000 concealed-carry permits have been mailed out. Some attending the rally have already received theirs.

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