Bill proposes state decide where wind farms go

- ILLINOIS -- County governments could lose control over where wind farms go in their areas. A bill in the State Senate would give the Illinois Department of Agriculture the ability to regulate the farms moving forward.

Currently, each county can enter into an agreement with an energy company to add wind farms to its area, but Senator John Sullivan (D), who sponsored the bill, says not every county has the resources and know-how to create the necessary ordinances. He says several problems have come up in recent years relating to where turbines are placed and how they would be dismantled years from now.

Those are just a few of the reasons he says it would be a good idea to get the Department of Ag involved. He wants that agency to draft some statewide standards so there won't be any discrepancies from county-to-county.

Some oppose the bill because they do not want to turn control over to the state. At this time, leaders at the Department of Agriculture are not taking a stance on the issue.

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