Byron Man Suffers Bat Bite

Jim Rowland of Byron was the victim of a terrifying experience: while sleeping in his bed, he awoke suddenly to find a bat attached to his lip.

The owner of “When Nature Calls Pest Removal” says, “It's not a good thing to wake up with a bat on your face, you know there's better ways to wake up in the morning" Gerrod Walker has dealt with bat-removal for years now and understands the problems these creatures cause: "Bats that are inside of a home can cause severe odor issues, can cause ecto-parasites to come down into the living space. There's a lot of reasons you don't want bats inside your home.”

Though there are plenty of bats around the Stateline, Ogle County's Animal Control Administrator and local veterinarian Dr. Tom Champley says the likelihood of experiencing a rabid bat bite is quite low: "This is the only third positive we've had in thirty years, so it's pretty rare, but still something that needs to be taken very seriously.” 

The victim of the bite, Jim Rowland, had to act fast or else suffer the costly repercussions.

Champley explains, "Well rabies is highly fatal to people and so that's why it's so serious. But yet it is very, very rare.”

Walker adds, “He did the exact right thing and that's having the bat tested.  That's why you don't want to let the bat out.
If you get a bat in the house, always catch it and have it tested."

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