A Lucky Rockford Resident Receives a Large Payday

LOVES PARK - The local woman won $200,000 on a scratch-off bought at a stateline gas station.
LOVES PARK - One lucky Rockford resident receives a large payday, one day before taxes are due.

She won $200,000 on a Joker's Wild Instant Lottery Ticket purchased at the Road Ranger on Riverside in Loves Park. She bought it on April Fool's Day and when she realized she had won, her first thought was it was just a big joke.

"I scratched the first one off and at the bottom there was the picture of the joker's head and the 200,000 dollars, and I thought my daughter had put a fake ticket in my purse because it was April Fool's Day," said Mary Crager, the scratch-off winner.

She says she plans to invest most of the money and maybe use some of it for a vacation.

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