A Pair Of Beloit Businesses Expand Together

Beloit -- Corporate Contractors Inc. and Blackhawk Transportation Break Ground on Two-Story Facility.
Beloit -- A pair of Beloit business are expanding together.Corporate Contractors Inc. And Blackhawk Transportation breaking ground on a two-story facility.

C-C-I loves the location because it's adjacent to their limestone quarry-- which is a big part of their excavation business. Blackhawk loves it because it's a visible location with easy access to the interstate. Both companies say they're growing-- and they need larger digs.

"We're adding jobs and we're adding people," Blackhawks Transportation's President Mike Holloway says. "This is a great area for great people to do so. We're excited with the talent we have and we're looking forward to growing and adding more people"

Demolition of an existing structure is already underway to make room for the new facility.
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