Annual Bike Run To Support Military Veterans

Over 100 cycle enthusiasts biked to support military veterans this Sunday in Janesville.
Over 100 cyclists biked in support military veterans on Sunday in Janesville.

The Janesville Texas Roadhouse restaurant hosted the bike run, now in it's 11th year, to benefit the organization Homes for Our Troops.

"It was phenomenal and great to see this many people come out for such a great cause,” said Jessica Fecik, the marketing manager for Texas Roadhouse.  "We have five different rides going on at the same time in five different states, which is fabulous to be able to raise for the same organization".

The money raised goes to building homes for troops that come home with life-altering injuries.  The homes are provided mortgage free to veterans.

"To be able to have a house that you can come home to, that you can function in, is an amazing thing,” said John Miller, a retired builder Chief Petty Officer from Naval Mobile Construction Battalion 25.

All of the money raised at the Janesville event will stay in Wisconsin, benefiting local veterans.

"I think it just raises awareness that we're here to support them, and when they come home after serving their country, that they get taken care of too,” said Fecik.

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