Another ComEd Price Hike Hits The Stateline

Starting June 1, 2014, Commonwealth Edison customers on average will see monthly bills jump 21 percent, to about $82 a month from about $69 a month.
ROCKFORD -"A 38% increase, oh my word!"  It’s the same old story for Connie Addison as she sifts through over 50 monthly bills from ComEd and each year, her electric bill gets higher.

“The prices go up and up and up, and what can you do about it? Nothing, because you either pay it or you stop service, and then you are in the dark” said Addison

Now, for the second time since January, Com Ed is raising rates again. The energy supplier filed an energy charge rate increase of 38% with the Illinois Commerce Commission, effective June 1, 2014.  Connie said she knows the price of living has increased, but these constant price spikes are hard to budget. “Everybody has to raise their rates, because everything costs more, but 38 percent sounds like a little much”

When combined with other costs and fees, the overall impact to customers will be around 20%. That means if your total bill is typically $60.00, you have to learn to deal with whatever is thrown at you and it would be nicer if it was thrown at us at a smaller rate.

The utility energy costs makes up 60% of a customer’s household electric bill, and with the summer heat hitting the Stateline, Connie knows this increase will also take a big hit on her wallet. “The air conditioning is on again today, because it is so humid, and i have allergies, so for me I have to be able to breathe, so it’s on today because of the community, so we use it.” said Addison
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