Beloit Unveils New "Mobile Visitors Center"

BELOIT - The town using National Tourism Week as reason to introduce their newest tourist attraction.
BELOIT - This week marks National Tourism Week, and Beloit decided to use the occasion to unveil a new tourist attraction, as well as give back in the name of hospitality.

Organizers with "Visit Beloit" performing random acts of kindness at its visitors center in Beloit. This on the same day the organization announced the beginning of its new "mobile visitors center."

It's designed to take visitors to some of Beloit's most popular destinations.

"Beloit is a great place to live, work and play," says Beloit city manager Larry Arft. "We need to tell the Beloit story, and this vehicle will help us get the word out."

Officials say the vehicle will take tourists to different exhibits and trade fairs in town, and to their weekly farmers market.
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