Car Accident Victim Rescued From Burning Car

WISCONSIN - A two car accident leads to a daring rescue.

WISCONSIN - A two car accident leads to a daring rescue.

The accident took place around 3:30pm Monday in Janesville at the intersection of CTH A and Heinke Road.

First responders arrived at the scene to find an overturned pickup truck and a Chevy Cavalier whose driver had been ejected from the car.  The driver of the pickup was found to be sitting against the car.  A small fire was found in the engine compartment, but it was put out.

Crews then turned their attention to the Cavalier's driver.  The victim had to be extricated.  Their job was made more difficult after a fire re-ignited in the pickup truck.  It turned out there was a gas leak and a significant fire near the fire wall.

Crews were able to rescue both drivers without any incidents.  Both were taken to the hospital.

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