Congresswoman Cheri Bustos Helps Feed Stateline Kids

ROCKFORD - Officials estimate there are more than 20,000 local children whose parents can't afford to feed them.
ROCKFORD - A stateline lawmaker helped make sure local kids got a solid lunch.

Congresswoman Cheri Bustos served summer meals to Rockford's youth at the Washington Park Community Center Thursday. Community center officials estimate there are upwards of 22,000 stateline kids whose parents can't afford to feed them daily.

Bustos says part of her goal is to get the word out, and serve those who might otherwise go hungry.

"They'd like to reach as many parents and family members as possible to say this program is open to anyone who is on the reduced price lunch program, so if they need help feeding their kids, this program is open to them," says Congresswoman Cheri Bustos.

Community center officials serve some 4,000 local children through the summer lunch program.
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