Hands on Lesson for Rockford's Next Generation of Manufacturers

Rock Valley college students get prepared to take the National Institute of Metalworking skills test.
ROCKFORD -- The first day of a eight week summer manufacturing program started Monday, so Rock Valley college students are getting some hands on experience for the big test.

They're preparing for the National Institute of Metalworking skills test. Once they pass, they're eligible to interview with different manufacturing companies in Rockford.

A list of a dozen companies were recommended to the students to see which sparked their interest. With that list they can pick which they want to tour.

Teachers say the students need to take this seriously, and once they commit to the tour, they need to follow through.

"If the company is waiting for you to show up and you don't show. Your chances of potentially getting a job there in the future..... Have now gone down to zero"! says Secondary Program Coordinator, Gina Caronna.

A one hundred percent grade is needed during the hands on test and eighty percent on the online test.

Joseph Cooper Jr. feels he's up for the challenge. "I feel like I can actually do this. I mean it's not that hard to get a hold of. But it's a pretty easy concept."

Charles Kluzak, a Jefferson High School teacher, in his first year, says he's proud that local businesses are supportive by giving them a heads up on who to hire. "We actually train all of our students exactly with what their needing in their particular companies."
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