Home Sales in Rockford Hit A Mark Not Seen In Almost A Year

Rockford-- Rockford Area Realtors say June was one of their busiest months since August of last year.

Home sales  in the Rockford area hit a mark not seen in almost a year. Rockford Area Realtors says June
was one of their busiest months since August of last year 400 homes were sold during the month.
The percentage  of foreclosed homes sold also went down  from nearly 42-percent in April to 23.5 in June.

“We're seeing a trend now that we're clearing out some of the distressed property inventory.
That's very important. interest rates are well below 5 percent at this point.
that's significant to help the recovery as well," said Steve Bois, CEO, Rockford Area Realtors.

Fewer foreclosures also helped push home prices to their highest levels in nine months.


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