Hot Shots Friday

From a thief who didn't accurately figure his exit strategy to a surfing porker, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
A burglar in Utah gets himself trapped into a trip to jail. Watch as he robs a jewelry store, then realizes he can't make a run for it. He tries to bust open the front door, but the glass won't break. The alarm goes off. And so does he, to jail.

Check out this pig on the surfboard. Little Kama is his name. He can not only swim but he can hang ten on the Hawaiian shores. His trainer says he's even ok wiping out.

Finally Thursday's east coast snowstorm is forcing a New Jersey school to  make up snow days by holding virtual classes. Students simply log onto their computer and click on specific class videos. Some teens say they've actually gotten more work done this way than in a normal class setting.
This is the second year in a row New Jersey lost school days with hurricane Sandy causing lost time in 2012.
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