Hot Shots Friday

From a record-setting bridge climb in Australia to wild video of a deer running through a hospital, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
More than three hundred people breaking the record for climbing Australia's most famous bridge, the harbor bridge in Sydney. The group of rotarians did it raise money to end polio and get vaccines to countried still grappling with the virus.

Check out this wayward deer sneaking into a North Carolina hospital. He bolted through the back door and ended up in the kitchen. He was eventually corralled into a utility closet, tranquilized, then released into the woods. Wait till he gets the bill!

A pair of cats are the talk of the town in California. Baby jaguars making their debut at zoo in palm desert. The two cubs were born a week ago.
The have to have medical exams and vaccinations before the public can see them, so for now they're trying to stay out of trouble.


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