Hot Shots Friday

From an incredible gymnastics move by a man involved in a motorcycle accident to a reporter ripping his pants on a TV live shot, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
Watch as this reporter in North Carolina tries to perform a toe touch split. Good thing he had clean underware on because he splits his pants on live tv! He did it in response to a challenge by a high school cheerleader on a live shot.

"Alabaster" gets a check up. He's one of only about 50 albino alligators in the world. Staff at the South Carolina aquarium carefully lift him into a crate for the exam. They take his blood, weigh him, and give him a once-over to make sure he's good and healthy, and with good reason. Alabaster is one of the biggest draws at the aquarium.

We saved the best for last tonight. Incredible surveillance video out of Florida. The cyclist gets hit by a car at an intersection and thrown in the air. He does two complete cartwheels before miraculously landing on his feet! He walked away unhurt. Police ticketed the driver for making an improper left turn.

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