Hot Shots Friday

From our favorite Canadian mayor getting his groove thing on to goats mowing the weeds at O'Hare, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
Take a look at this stunning video shot of the northern lights from space.  A NASA astronaut captured this video of the spinning earth and flickering light from the international space station. 

They're back and they're starving! An entire herd of goats, sheep and llamas are eating some 8-thousand acres of airport property at O'Hare. Some of the areas become overgrown and it is hard for crews to keep up with trimming it.  They're not picky eaters. Airport officials say the animals will eat through five acres of dense vegetation that includes poison ivy and weeds.

He's back! The crazy mayor of Toronto is trying out singing. Embattled Toronto mayor Rob Ford busting a move this week during a reggae singer's serenade in city council chambers. Ford had his powers stripped a few months ago after admitting to using drugs. But yesterday he apologized to the council before dancing and singing.


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