Hot Shots Friday

From a giant panda rescue to a singing drive-thru order taker, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
Cynthia Carter is the voice at Popeyes chicken in New Orleans.  For 26 years she's been singing out the daily menu and words of wisdom to customers. Side dishes, desserts, she sings all of it.

It may look like something out of the movie "Ironman", but professional diver Michael Lombardi's new dive suit is a submarine you wear. It will take him one thousand feet below sea level, a depth only a handful of people have ever explored. He plans to research bioluminescent organisms to see how their protiens can be turned into possible cancer cures.

Finally, a wild giant panda  rescue in China. Hundreds of villagers and tourists watched as the panda walked along the riverbank. A closer look showed the panda had some cuts and scars on its' nose, so it may have been getting away from danger in the nearby mountains. 
He's currently being treated for malnutrition.


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