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Hot Shots Friday

From a curious kitty getting in trouble with the law to an inside look at posh pet hotels, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
Let's go to Wisconsin for the annual lumberjack championships. There's log rolling, climbing, chopping, some come from half way around the world to compete. The event brings about 750 thousand bucks to the local economy every year. The finals are tomorrow.

Zeke the cat has a thing for phones. While staying at a Florida animal shelter, he accidentally dialed 9-1-1. Dispatchers knew something wasn't right so they called back and realized the problem. Zeke loves phones.  He apparently has hit the hang-up button in the middle of several phone calls.

Finally, pets hotels are going posh. Check out this place in Atlanta:  It features raised bedding, a water cooler, a window view, flat screen TV, and a webcam so mom and dad can check in on her. They also have facials, manicures. There's even a pool and a spa.

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