Hot Shots Friday

From a cop cleverly stopping a runaway car to a woman honoring Barbara Walters in a most unusual way, we've got your Friday Hot Shots.
The first happened in South Carolina when a man's truck went rogue, in reverse! The man was fixing the engine when the truck suddenly turned on and took off in circles. The officer lept into the back of the truck, busted out the window and hit the brake. The owner of the truck suffered a minor head in jury.

And, a most unusual rescue for police in Florida. A deer got stuck in a backyard hot tub.  By the time police arrived, the doe was out of energy from trying to hop out, so they picked her up and pointed her toward the woods. The police officer admits, that was a first in his 35 year career.

Finally an unusual tribute to a retiring TV icon. A New Orleans woman got a tattoo of Barbara Walters on her leg. She says Barbara got it done and proved that women could do it just as well as men. Walters had her last episode of "the view" this morning on WTVO-17.

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