Hot Shots Monday

From an 18-foot monster python found in Florida to a wild mass pillow fight, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.
Another monster Burmese python captured in the Florida Everglades, the second largest ever caught at 18 feet. They'll now send it to a local university where biologists can study it. They're trying to stop the spread of the huge snakes because they're eatinig some of the local animals to extinction.

Here's one creative way to make the most of this snowy winter. A Minnesota artist carved this mini mt. Rushmore. Washington, Jefferson, Roosevelt, Lincoln. They'll stay frozen in snow until the temps rise.

Finally the  feathers fly in California over the weekend. Hundreds of people battling it out during the fourth annual massive pillow fight.  Cleaning up all those feathers isn't cheap. Crews with mechanical sweeping trucks cost more than 4-thousand bucks.

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