Hot Shots Monday

From a cliff diving competition with a perfect 10 for a backdrop, to a close call for a police officer after a huge oak tree falls on top of him, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.
Havana Cuba's scenic Morro Castle the backdrop for the red bull diving series. Why don't they hold the olympic diving outdoors? A british diver won the event.

Twenty two thousand competing in this year's mud run in Paris. Athletes braving the cold and electric shock maze in the obstacle race. Mud runs have become very popular in Europe the past few years. Racers say it's a way to test your mettle and have fun at the same time.

Finally,  here's one way to get out of a speeding ticket. Watch this police dash cam video of an officer talking to a driver when a 30 foot oak tree falls on top of the car. The officer had only minor injuries.  The SUV took the brunt of the damage. The driver was not ticketed.

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