Hot Shots Monday

From a reporter and cameraman attacked outside a courtroom to an amazing catch in Major League Baseball, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.
Watch as the mother of an accused murder assaults a news photographer. She was just coming out of a hearing with her son when she shoves the reporter and then the photographer. The cameraman received a cut on his face. The woman will face assault charges.

A great catch from the world of baseball this weekend. A pop-up fly sends Atlanta braves first baseman Freddie Freeman running toward the stands in san Diego. Watch as he leans into the first row and falls into the stands to catch the ball. A padres fan touches it first... But freeman still makes the incredible catch!

Finally looks like a normal fireworks show in Utah until several malfunctions. One of the fireworks went off on the ground instead of shooting up. Another firework shot right into the crowd exploding about 20 feet around. Yet another barely missed a neighborhood home. Ten people had minor injuries. The fireworks company says it was just a bad batch.

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