Hot Shots Monday

From amazing pictures from the top of a dangerous mountain peak to a human pyramid you have to see to believe, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.
A team scaling Eiger mountin in Switzerland, more than 13-thousand feet high. They're recording the trek with cameras that can shoot 360 degrees for amazing images. The video records every 30 seconds automatically. More than 60 climbers have died trying to get to the top.

Watch this amazing human pyramid in India. Dozens stack up, one on top of another, to form a human pyramid. It's part of an annual religious celebration ending in the last climber breaking a decorated clay pot hanging from a rope. It's dangerous, but there's a built-in safety net. In case the pyramid collapses, the people on top are secured by a mountain climbing harness.

Finally, one group has found a fashionable way to raise money. The Japan Zoo fundraising group sells jeans that were ripped by lions and tigers. The call them "zoo jeans". They wrap the material around tires, then toss them into the animal enclosures and let the animals do the rest.


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