Hot Shots Monday

A very famous sports hero slaps a reporter and a massive balloon fight make up our Monday Hot Shots.
Watch what happens when former Argentinean soccer star Diego Maradona gets out of his car, walks up to a reporter, and slaps him across the face. The media and fans surrounded Maradona's car Saturday to try to take pictures of him. Why he picked this one reporter is a mystery.

Washington State residents letting it all out in a  massive water balloon fight to try to break the world record. Volunteers spend most of Saturday filling up tens of thousands of balloons with water. Turns out, they were 22-hundred people shy of the old record, but they had a blast anyway. 

Finally, the Prairie state is king.  Check out the massive tug-of-war between Illinois and Iowa. A two-thousand-400-foot long rope was stretched across the Mississippi river between the two states. 11 teams from each side competed to see who could pull the most feet of rope within 3 minutes. Illinois took home the trophy. Our eight in 9 years.


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