Hot Shots Monday

From a bird smashing the window out of plane in the skies over Florida to a half-naked protest run in China, we've got your Monday Hot Shots.
Hundreds of runners stripped down to their undies for a 'naked" run in Beijing, China It's meant to bring awareness to the city's bad air quality. It's gotten so bad many schools are building domes around their campus until a better solution is found.

How about a bucket full of cute. A pair of pandas arrive in Belgium on loan from China to fanfare typically reserved for heads of state. They'll actually spend 15 years there. Their names are: Xing hui which means twinkling star in mandarin... And hao hao which means good, good".

Finally, watch as a bird smashes into this small plane over Florida.  The pilot was getting ready to land his piper plane when the bird hit, blowing out the windshield. He kept his cool, maintaining control of the plane even though he was bleeding from the forehead. He somehow managed to land safely.

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