Hot Shots Thursday

From a fireball explosion on the frontlines of a firefight to a tooth extraction using a drone, here's tonight's Hot Shots.
France's self proclaimed "spiderman" climing a building in Paris' financial district. It only took him 45 minutes to get to the top. He of course was arrested a short time later.

This next clip shows just how dangerous firefighting is. Watch as a fireball erupts just above where firefighters are working. This was part of that deadly brownstone fire in Boston the other day.

Finally, tough time getting your kid in the dentist chair? Watch as this dad pulls his 8-year-old son's loose baby tooth with a drone. He tied the tooth to the drone with dental floss, then lets the drone do the work. Two seconds later, the tooth pops out. Only bad thing? They lost the tooth in the grass so the tooth fairy didn't pay a visit.


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