Hot Shots Thursday

From an in-studio TV brawl between two journalists to a frog known for his sexy dance moves, we've got your Thursday Hot Shots.
A new fashion magazine in Japan celebrated by having models on a vertical runway on the side of a building. Seven models were strapped into a wire harness, pulling off some dizzying stunts along the way. Did they glue accessories to their body?

Check out the John Travolta of frogs. These rare frogs in India perform "foot flagging" when looking to attract a mate. Basically they're flirting by sticking their legs out sideways. The idea is to get the attention of female frogs who may not hear them croaking over the sound of rushing water.
There may be 100 males to one female so the dancing better be flashy.

Finally, two Jordanian journalists were debating the Syrian crisis during a talk show, when they picked up the desk and pushing it at each other. The desk fell apart, then  one of the men kicked the other in the leg before crew members broke it up. Both men accused each other of taking bribes in exchange for military support.


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