Hot Shots Thursday

From an ape who is remarkably accurate picking Super Bowl winners, to a baby polar bear making his first careful and cute steps in snow, we've got your Thursday Hot Shots.
We've seen some incredible winter weather phenomenon this season, and here's another. Check out this from a salt lake in China. The crystals form when dry weather raises the salt content of the lake and the temperatures drop to below zero. The result looks like something out of a movie set.

A Utah ape that has correctly picked the super bowl winner six straight years, is picking the Seattle Seahawks! Eli the ape knocked down a paper-mache helmet with the Seahawk's logo, signaling his pick. He's been so accurate even vegas odds makers pay attention to his selectiton. Sorry Bronco fans!

Finally, an adorable animal reminds us of the wonder of firsts. A three-month old polar bear cub at the Toronto Canada zoo played in the snow for the first time this week. He's the only survivor of three cubs born November ninth. You can see that he's a little timid at seeing his native environment for the first time.

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