Hot Shots Tuesday

From a snowman so large it has tires as eyes, to a weather reporter getting snowed over by a drive-by plow, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.
A group of buddies in Wisconsin built this huge snowman. It took more than three weeks to build. They used a traffic cone for a nose and a stack of tires for a hat. For five bucks you can place a bet on how long it will take to melt, with half the proceeds going to charity.

A close call for a reporter covering the latest east coast snow storm.  That's reporter Steve Keeley getting hit hard by the snow coming off the plow in New Jersey. He wasn't hurt but the mishap went viral overnight. The plow company says they didn't do it intentionally.

The surf's always up in Hawaii but massive swells packed quite a wallop recently. Watch closely as one huge wave capsizes a boat. Luckily all 8 people were rescued by jetskers and no one was hurt.


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