Hot Shots Tuesday

From a wild cat running amok in an Indian neighborhood scaring residents silly to a young dance machine making waves on the internet, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.
In India, a leopard has been terrorizing locals. He's wandered into a hospital, a movie theater and an apartment building. Now the neigborhood is in a panic. Wildlife experts have tried to tranquilize him but the cat keeps getting away.

Bella is a special donkey. She is being fitted for a prosthetic leg after her real one was amputated after a bad case of frostbite. A doctor in Wyoming says the proceedure should work. Bella is only the second donkey to get such an operation.

Finally, check out the latest dance sensation. This little boy wowed judges on "India's got talent", and now he's all over the internet and even Ellen Degeneres's show. Check out that split! He practices 3 hours a day.

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