Hot Shots Tuesday

From a woman's very strange request on her 100-th birthday to a shark paying a visit to a group of Florida fishermen, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.
Look at what greeted a group of Florida fishermen Monday. This curious 11-foot great white shark was swimming around their boat for about 10 minutes. The guys said their hearts were beating fast, but it was one of the coolest things they've seen fishing.

Trudy Price did more than blow out candles for her 100-th birthday. The Ohio resident got to mow the lawn at Bowling Green State university. Trudy says she loves the smell of fresh cut grass, and this was her birthday wish. She even got to sit on top of the one of the crew's riding mowers.

Finally, look at this little stowaway. A Florida woman says she heard a meowing sound coming from her car. Turns out a kitty was wedged in the engine, too far for her to grab him. So a mechanic came, jacked up the car and freed the kitty. The kitten should be fine.

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