Hot Shots Tuesday

From cute lion cubs swimming for the first time to a herd of goats blocking a major highway, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.
Two month old lion cubs getting their first real test. The swim test. Zookeepers in the nation's capitol want to make sure they don't drown. Passing the test means the cubs are ready to explore their outdoor habitat and to be seen by the public. Their debut is set for Friday.

This road block had nothing to do with orange cones. Look at this home video of a huge alligator crossing the road in South Carolina. You can see him move one way, then turn around and slithered into a nearby waterway. The video was courtesy of a lawmaker who happened upon the critter.

Finally a herd of goats blocking a highway in Oakland California.  Local police say a few dozen goats stumbled onto a highway during rush hour.
The goats were being used to remove brush alongside the road. Police helped the herd's tender clear the road.

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