Hot Shots Tuesday

From a possible world record for breaking walnuts with your head to a snake who ate a little too much for his stomach to handle, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.
A boa constrictor in Florida ate a rat, nothing unusual about that, right. But the rat was clinging to a towel and the snake downed that too! So a vet had to remove the towel.  How? Very carefully. He had to cut incisions inch-by-inch because the towel was the entire length of the snake.

It's not exactly a Carnival cruise through the Southern Carribean, but it's still pretty cool. This coast guard cutter chopping and slamming it's way through the ice in Sturgeon Bay in Wisconsin. The goal is to create a shipping route to lake Michigan. It's a tall order because the great lakes are more than 90-percent covered in ice, the most in 35 years.

Finally, you have to have a really hard-headed personality to attempt this world record. Mohammad Rashid busted 155 walnuts with his noggin in one minute. The martial artist slamed his forehead down smashing the nuts in two down a long table. He blew away the old record of 44 busted walnuts in one minute. For his efforts, rashid got a cut on his forehead, and a bit of a headache.

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