Hot Shots Tuesday

From a wild bus accident caught on dash cam, to a kitten who proves that cats really do have nine lives, we've got your Tuesday Hot Shots.
Watch as this Boise Idaho bus cruises along, then suddenly veers to the right. And it keeps on going, smashing into two parking garages. No one was seriously hurt. Police say the driver was drowsy. The driver says the brakes failed. 
Meet the Alec Baldwin of undersea creatures. An octopus who hates the papparazzi. A pair of divers off the coast of California met up with this huge octopus who tries to yank the camera away. It looks like he's got a pretty good grip on it, but he eventually let go.

Finally, a little kitten is lucky to be alive after being found frozen to the road. A driver passed what she thought was a clump of dirty snow. But when she  inspected closer, it was a small black kitten. After some vet care at a local  clinic, he looks much better. By the way, they named him frosty.

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