Hot Shots Wednesday

From a cabbie in New York City who thinks his pet python should be his co-pilot to a reporter who gets purse-whipped by his interview subject, we've got tonight's Hot Shots.
A New York cabbie is freaking out his passengers with a snake! He used this 14-foot python to scare riders and of course get it all on tape.
Some passengers didn't see the snake until the car was moving. The driver is using the video to promote his new book about conquering fears. Finally, a reporter gets the interview he wants-- and a whole lot more. 

Lions roaming the Hollywood Hills and they weren't shooting a movie. Surveillance cams catching the mountain lions walking through the streets of Southern California just a half mile from a popular park. Look at that. Strolling right alongside parked cars.

Finally, a reporter gets the interview he wants, and a whole lot more. He interviews a woman who took a plea agreement for posting nude photos of her ex's girlfriend on facebook.  First she tried ripping the microphone out of the reporter's hands. Then she swung her purse, hitting him in the face. The district attorney says he'll look at the video to see if more charges could be filed.

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