Hot Shots Wednesday

From runaway horses leading a wild carriage ride through city streets to an over-the-top prom proposal involving a phony traffic stop, we've got your Wednesday Hot Shots.
Tourists on a horse-drawn carriage got much more then they bargained for after the horse took off through the streets of Savannah, Georgia. The carriage slammed into cars. The driver was thrown off and five passenger had to jump off.The driver broke his ankles. The horse was not hurt.
No one is sure about what spooked the horse.

Talk about an arresting proposal.  The male teenager had his potential prom date pulled over by a pair of officers who were in on the prank. The two cops asked her to get out of the car. She was so nervous she was in tears. But then they had her pop open trunk, and it was  filled with balloons.  Oh and she says she may have something up her sleeve to get back at him.

Finally surveillance video from a C-V-S pharmacy in Florida shows a robber with what appears to be a gun holding up the clerk . But watch as a customer grabs the suspect from behind and takes him down. Police say the suspect didn't have a gun and no one was hurt. They applaud the actions of the quick-thinking customer, but say members of the public shouldn't stop crimes in progress.

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