Hot Shots Wednesday

From a wild snowball fight on a college campus to a pair of southern kids turning their neighborhood street into a hockey rink, we've got your Wednesday Hot Shots.
Sometimes you just have to take a break from the books. And the students at the University of Alabama got to do just that today. The rare snow event led to this massive snowball fight. I'm told even a few teachers took part.

Watch as some tourists to a nature park in south Africa get a little too close to a real life lion king. Kids were taking pictures leaning out of the car when the lion roared just feet away, sending them scrambling to close the window. Nothing to see here. Go back to you homes.

Finally, kids playing street hockey. Happens all the time here. But in Atlanta, that's big news. Watch as these two kids skate on their street for the first time. Atlanta got blasted with snow and ice yesterday, shutting down parts of the city.

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