How Much Will You Spend on Valentine's Day?

WTVO - The Business Insider website compiled a few fun facts about gift giving on this holiday.
WTVO - $17.3 billion, that's how much will be spent on Valentine's Day gifts this year according to the National Retail Federation.

And just for fun, the Buisness Insider website compiled a few facts about gifting on this holiday. Consumers spend an average of $135 on gifts.

Men expect their partner to spend $230 on a gift for them, while women only expect $196, according to a survey by Chase bank.

Dating or engaged couples spend $20 to $30 more than married couples, according to a study by Big Research.

About 18% of people in relationships surveyed by RetailMeNot were planning on spending $0 on their partner.

About half of  Valentine's Day customers will buy candy, 37% will give their partner flowers, and 19% will purchase jewelry, according to the National Retail Federation. Practical gifts like clothes or electronics were less popular.

Courtesy: Business Insider website
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