Hydrant Flushing This Week In Rockford

Hydrant Flushing This Week In Rockford. August 4-8.
ROCKFORD- The City of Rockford will be flushing out the city hydrants this week. The public works department says they will flush out residential areas first, and also check the water mains. The city warns that the flushing can cause the water to change colors. Although officials say it is not a health hazard, they warn it could stain your laundry. Projected Flushing Locations During the week of 08/03/2014 to 08/9/2014.
The following streets are scheduled to be flushed:Vale Avenue, Oak Knolls Avenue, Harney Court, Glendale Avenue, 12th Avenue, Peter Avenue,
Woodland Drive, Fairview Blvd. and Hawthorne Avenue.
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