Illinois Voters May Get Chance to Enact Term Limits on State Legislators in the Fall

Republican Bruce Rauner leading effort to enact term limits even if he doesn't win his bid for Governor.
ROSCOE -- Republican candidate for Governor Bruce Rauner's bus pulled up to Roscoe Works to tell a group of workers here why he wants to be Governor.

After a round of handshakes and hellos, he told the crowd, "I'm here for one simple reason -- I love the State of Illinois."

But the businessman with no political background is also running because there are some things he hates about Illinois, including a two-word phrase which was peppered throughout his speech.

Career politicians.

"We are badly led and badly run by the career politicians," he told workers.  "I don't  think the career politicians in Springfield can get the job done.  They're just part of the problem.  They've been in Springfield for decades, and they continue to fail us."

And Rauner is determined to do something about it -- even if he doesn't get elected Governor, by imposing term limits on them.  Rauner has helped raise millions for the group behind a petition drive and website to put Term Limits on the November ballot.

"We've recruited a national group to come to Illinois to do a voter referendum," he told Eyewitness News, "and we're going to get it on the ballot in ithe general election of 8 years maximum service in the legislature and then leave and run for a different office or go backto the private sector."

He says so far, they've collected nearly 250,000 signatures on the petition drive, and many at the Roscoe event were eager to add their names to it.   Rauner says the group behind this petition drive has gotten them passed in 15 states, and with enthusiam like what he saw in Roscoe, Illinois could very easily be next.

To learn more, go to:   http://termlimitsandreform.com/
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